From a very early age ENOO had his ears tuned to All Good Music…..His Mom singing & playing “Raagas” (Scales of Classical Indian Music) on the fully loaded bi-pedal harmonium (keyboard that was Mom's wedding gift) presented by very popular Duo Composers from Bollywood (Film Industry of India). In school he achieved FIRST prize playing the Mouth Organ (Harmonica) in Music Contests. Got training in Classical Music while taking lessons on the “Veena” from Saroja Aunty that lived just across from his home in Chennai, South India. At the age of 14 when the family moved back to Karachi, Pakistan ENOO’s interests became more practical where his mothers side of the family was very active into the music scene including his eldest uncle Karim Shahbuddin being a Film Industry/TV/Radio Music Composer & as well as his youngest uncle Ali Shahbuddin being one of the best keyboard players & arrangers (with a unique & different intro to the chord structure) in the Industry. Also, to add on to these great influence’s was his very active in the Industry cousin Salim Janjira who is multi talented, & Mirza Lakhani his brother in law who happens to be claimed as one of the best percussionist’s of Pakistan. It was at this time that ENOO followed very closely all the unique inspirations of each of his professional musicians in the family & getting all the training essentials from his youngest uncle (Ali Shahbuddin) & cousin (Salim Janjira) ENOO became an “A” Grade musician at the Radio Station being one of the youngest artist's at the age of 17 years. Initially, he was very encouraged by Music Director "Pandit" Ghulam Qadir (brother of the popular “King of Ghazal” Mehdi Hasan) at the Radio Station & then went on to perform with a lot of different Music Composers & Singers at the TV & Film Industry Studios. ENOO’s FIRST great achievement was when TWO L.P’s (Vinyl Records) were released in which he played Lead Hawaiin Guitar (the only Hawaiin guitarist in Pakistan, at that time). After being a very active musician at such an early age, ENOO left the subcontinent for Arabia & a few years later to the “Great Nation” of the USA. In Arabia he picked up on Middle Eastern Music & also performed at the American Embassy, Aramco Oil refinery & a bunch of prestigious locations. In the USA since the Eighties, ENOO performed at various cities with different groups, being busy alongside in the business of Wholesale, Retail, Gift Shops, Courier Services, etc., etc. When in 1999 ENOO purchased the Korg Trinity V-3 Workstation, he released his FIRST experimental CD ..........................“Enoo’s Trinituos Blend” (written/performed by ENOO & Recorded by Grammy Nominee Artist Paul Speer/Rainstorm Recording Studio) that made him achieve the Top-5 on TV in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. With his business going on the downward trail, ENOO fortunately/co-incidentally steered towards his main interest in life … . . … …M U S I C. After his FIRST CD, ENOO has released FOUR more productions (One, being the most recent for the joyous occassion of THE AGA KHAN's GOLDEN JUBILEE)(Written, Arranged, Performed, Sung, Recorded & Mastered at EMS (Enoo’s Music Studios). ENOO’s most exciting moments in the music field of the USA is, when he arranged for Don Scalercio the early “Four Seasons” fame & Now ENOO’s Music is heard at the UN in Switzerland, Mercedes Benz in Germany, American Express in Virginia, Canary Islands Airport, Microsoft & Apple to name a few prestigious locations, including Radio Stations in the USA, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand & around the World. ENOO's "Oregonian Express" presented by AMMA @ the MIDEM 2007 (THE WORLD's BIGGEST MUSIC FESTIVAL) at Palais des Festivals in Cannes-France. ENOO continues & strives to find that uniqueness in the “Blend Jazz” Genre. He assures that there is much, much, moocho more to come, as he continues to ................. “Wishing You All The Best of Music”_____..from____..“ENOO’s Music”.