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ENOO: Press

Meticulous. The music has been beautifully composed and rendered. The holy ginan touched the most inner chord of our hearts. A wave of spiritualism flowed within our hearts and it refreshed our great fortune to be the humble murids of Hazar Imam. We pay tributes to our Pir for composing this ginan which has been well sung by you. Proud of Enoo Music. Your singing of this holy ginan brought tears to our eyes which has wiped away some of our sins. Please do keep us posted with your renditions.

May Hazar Imam give you strength and courage to execute your performance to the highest profile thus enchancing ruhaniyat within us. Three cheers to Enoo Music team.

Eid Mubarak to you and your professional team.

Nazneen, Aziz, Khairunnisa, Salman, Sharish, Noureen, Rayyan and Amir Aly Ibrahim Karmali – August 20, 2012
I was a waiter in Monaco but…. Ah Ah!!! Here comes the connection between ENOO & myself.. One of the guests I was waiting on was no less than PRINCE KARIM AGA KHAN. It struck me funny to know that today I am writing about someone with enough talent to be invited in the Arab Emirates to honor this incredible arts’ benefactor which is the AGA KHAN.
I would like to believe that my music reaches deep into my audience’s soul, and make’s people think about the great advantages & goodness of living in peace & harmony.
My Album “OmSalaam”potrays my vision of a peaceful Universe, where harmony & love are shared between all, regardless of color, number, or tone, like the twelve notes on my keyboard.
***** ENOO emerges as one of the first great songwriters of the 21st century.
ENOO showcases his talents in many ways with these new compositions and arrangements. He takes full advantage of the authentic sounds of the Trinity keyboard to blend Indian rhythms and instruments with western orchestrations. The result could become the next wave of popular music as the listener marvels at Enoo's skill as a musician, composer and arranger.
“ENOO’s Music” is transcendental
He was a FEATURED ARTIST on Mystic Radio and everyone loves his music.
Indeed, we received many requests from our listeners around the world to play many more of his soul touching pieces.
The music we streamed at Mystic Radio was heard around the world including even at the “United Nations in Switzerland” and “Mercedes Benz in Germany”.
Mystic Radio
*****We at CJMQ 88.9 FM enjoy "ENOO's Music" very much. We are a Radio Station located in Quebec, about two hours east of Montreal. Our programming is mostly eclectic in nature. ENOO's "OmSalaam" is a very nice addition to our collection, and is being passed along our DJ's here.
*****Deliciously Unique and Relaxing........................
A unique blend of smooth and relaxing music. We are broadcasting it on our station... Congratulations ENOO !
A very energetic performer who has a wide range of repertoire that draws from an early era through today (New Age). "ENOO's Music" expresses vibes showing how ENOO’s enthusiasm is very contagious and I wish him success in all his endeavors.