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ENOO: Music

"E's Amy".....Enoo's New Age version & arrangement of L.V.Beethoven's "Fur Elise"

"E's Amy"

"SAHEBJI TU(n) MORAY MAN BHAVE" With All Due respect to SYED MOHAMMED SHAH, The Popular Ginan Sahebji Tu(n) Moray Man Bhave is sung by ENOO who has rendered this GINAN beautifully with his specialty of arranging the Music blending it with a NEW AGE accent


September 7, 2012

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"MERE MOWLA" presented by KAMAL TAJ & ENOO's Music:ALBUM created in HONOR of the GOLDEN JUBILEE Ceremony of PRINCE KARIM AGA KHAN.It caters to ALL GENERATIONS, BEING UNIQUE with it's + NEW ERA Music & Tastefully RICH than the Usual ISMAILI Geets.Enjoy !!

Pre Amble

Mere Mowla Ki Golden Jubilee

Ali Say Tu(n) Hee Hain Mowla Hamara

Mere Dil Main Tuhi Tu Mowla-Go For the Gold !

Yar Jaus Salaam (SONG)

I Love My English(remix of Damadam Must Qalander)

Aaoon Aaoon Karim Shah-happy Golden Jubilee !

Khushaamdeed Khudavand Khushaamdeed Ba Tajikistan

Aayee Mowla Ki Golden Jubilee

Yar Jaus Salaam (instrumental)

Mere Mowla (instrumental)

Album: "Matrimony & more".....a blend jazz experience.... This Cd combines Smooth Jazz/Easy listening with a blend of East India Rhythms & instrumental sounds.

Lunar Love


Coool !! (with 3 o's)

D "Mystic" minor

All The Way


Is She Lonely ??

Oregonian Express


Album: "OmSalaam" meaning "Divine Peace" is a mystical peaceful experience truly expressing "Let there be Peace"....."Universal Peace" like the harmony that's created within the musical notes of my Keyboard.....

OmSalaam (instrumental)

OmSalaam (song with Rap)

OmSalaam (song)

"ENOO's Trinituos Blend"....Exotic instrumental sounds of the East & West - all created within just one keyboard

Oregonian Express

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